Mary Beth Herb Holdford 5.24.2020

The Slower Pace of Quarantine

This very active family has enjoyed the slower pace this quarantine forced on them. I echo the same thoughts as we were rarely ever home on a weekend to just enjoy each other and relax. Relax? Is that even a word a #boymom can say? There’s an unspoken bond us #boymoms know and acknowledge. I Read More

Celebrating Mom

We celebrated this special lady’s birthday at a very nice restaurant before the world shut down. It looked like the kind of place Trump dines regularly, not where 6 kids should be! 😜 We all enjoyed the dinner and our time together! I so miss seeing and hugging my parents, family and friends! What do you miss Read More

Supermoon 4.8.2020

The 2020 Supermoon

Did you catch the supermoon last night? I got a few clear shots between the clouds, haze and rain storms that came in later. A supermoon occurs when the full moon has its closest encounter with Earth. It was the largest and brightest supermoon of the year according to Accuweather. The multi-colored light particles you Read More

Mama and Her Gals Workshop Shoot

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything or really done anything photo related since the world shut down. We’ve been hunkered down for a few weeks now and it’s so strange to not be out there shooting. Luckily I still have some photos I haven’t edited that I can work on. I’ve declared a Read More

Mother Hen Farm – Chagrin Falls, Ohio

We had a fun day checking out all the sweet stuff at Mother Hen Farm in Bainbridge last Sunday! We got to see the maple taps and buckets on their trees, learn and see how the process works on their equipment and best of all sample some yummy syrup and candy samples! We also met Read More

Girl Power – Feather Leather Designs

In case you missed the post I shared of this amazing company’s new spring/summer collection launch I wanted to post some photos from the shoot! I was honored to capture everyday women living and looking fabulous with Feather Leather Designs earrings. This is very near and dear to my heart for many reasons: Local Mother/Daughter Read More

Mild Winter in Cleveland

❄️The winter has been extremely mild here in CLE and we haven’t seen much snow! Thought we were going to get some white stuff today. Flakes did fly but nothing stuck! Not complaining though!❄️ Glad I took my camera out last month and captured a few snow pics! Totally worth the frostbite fingers!!!! 🥶 #clephotographer #twinsburgphotographer #chagrinphotographer #auroraphotographer #solonphotographer #hudsonphotographer #winterwonderland #snow Read More

Feather Leather Designs Spring Shoot

A look behind the scenes from today’s fun spring promotional shoot for Feather Leather Designs!!! So happy to be involved in this amazing company’s journey!! Check them out on Facebook at or on the web at Read More

Basketball Season Wrap Up

Wrapped up my middle son’s basketball season with a hard fought play off game. Boys played well and had a great season!   Read More

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