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Busy Week Feature

Busy and Exciting Week!

This has been a busy and exciting week! First I was featured in Senior Szn Magazine! So honored and cool! Then I was awarded a Rising Creator Badge on Facebook. It’s hard to really understand the algorithm and analytics that are online these days, but this was very exciting! Here is how Facebook describes this Read More

Thanksgiving Eve Feature

Grateful On This Thanksgiving Eve

Grateful on this Thanksgiving Eve for all of your support for my small business. It truly is a gift to be invited into your lives, celebrate and document your milestones that will become cherished memories. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving filled with lots of food, fun and love with your people. My Black Read More

Our Babies Feature

Our Babies – They Need Our Voice

Our babies They need our voice They need change They need more than thoughts and prayers We can’t sit idly by and continue to watch this happen We must make our voices heard and demand better laws We must support and encourage our children, especially our boys, to open up and talk with someone when Read More

Mothers Day 5.7.2022 Feature

Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mamas Out There

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there. Mother’s Day is different for everyone and I want to give a shout out to all the Mamas in whatever stage you’re in. To all the Mamas who are exhausted and not getting any sleep waking up with your babes during the night, you won’t always Read More

Moms Out There Did You Know 5.6.2022 Feature

To All The Moms Out There – Did You Know?

I encourage you to get in the frame with your senior during their session! I know you’re usually the one snapping all the pics but trust me on this… You need to get in a few photos! I know you have thousands of photos of your children, but how many are you in with them? Read More

AB Photography Senior Girls 2022 Feature

Senior Ambassador Program for 2023 Seniors!

I am soooo excited to launch the Amanda Bellan Senior Ambassador Program for 2023 Seniors! Seniors are my absolute favorite subjects to photograph and I cannot wait to meet and work with amazing rising seniors! So what is a Senior Ambassador Program? Being an ambassador for Amanda Bellan Photography means you have the opportunity to Read More

National Sons Day 3.4.2022 Feature

National Sons Day!

National Sons Day! I couldn’t let this day go by without posting a pic of my boys. To spare you a long and sappy post, they are in a nutshell: My Everything My Reason My Why My Heart I realize I don’t take as many photos of them together now. Mainly because my older boys Read More

Comfort Zone 3.4.2022 Feature

I’m Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

I am excited and a little nervous about going to my first in person photography conference since COVID hit. Every year I make it a priority to attend live or virtually take a photography workshop, conference or classes. I have been doing this since before I started my business and it has been one of Read More

Praying For Ukraine 1 Feature

Praying For Ukraine

As the snowflakes have begun falling over the ice storm we got last night, my heart is heavy. I can’t stop thinking about all the innocent people in the Ukraine, whose lives have been upended, especially my son’s friend. He and his Dad moved from the Ukraine to the US last year and his Mom Read More

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