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Deluxe Senior Sessions!

Let’s talk Senior Sessions! More specifically Deluxe Senior Sessions! Are you wondering exactly what a Deluxe Senior session with me looks like? Check out these gorgeous shots from a deluxe session last fall!

Senior sessions are some of my most favorite sessions to shoot! I just love the excitement that comes from photographing a senior, celebrating their accomplishments and helping them look and feel great about themselves! Deluxe senior sessions with me include up to 90 minutes of shooting time at 2 locations and up to 3 outfits.

Can’t decide on urban or nature? Dress or jeans? You don’t have to decide, do both and you will get so much variety in your gallery!

I bring a pop up changing tent so you can change in privacy no matter where we are! Need help with outfits? I got you! I am here to help you every step of the way.

My job is to make you look good. I will walk you through what to do the whole time so there’s nothing to be nervous about. You will definitely have fun and walk away with amazing photos!

I also have several location suggestions depending on what you want. For this session, Anjali, a Hathaway Brown Senior, wanted a mix of both nature and urban. We got so much variety at The Cleveland Metroparks, with the bridge, creek and golden field. I felt like I was in a music video capturing Anjali strum sweet sounds on her guitar. It was so much fun! Then we headed to downtown Hudson to get some photos with an urban vibe. I’m always on the lookout for cool locations, doorways, stairwells and good light! You’d be surprised at the places I find that you may have seen before, but never really noticed.

I have a few slots left for 2022 seniors this spring. My summer calendar for 2023 sessions will be opening next month so stay tuned!

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