Amanda Bellan - Award Winning - Nationally Published Senior Photographer - Cleveland, Ohio

The Senior Experience

Hello gorgeous! I am SO excited you booked a senior session and you are officially one of my #AmandaBellanPhotographySeniors! Seniors are my absolute favorite subjects to photograph, so I am thrilled to be a small part of your journey!

It’s your time to shine! You’ve worked so hard, now it’s time to celebrate your success! You deserve the spotlight!

Here are a few tips in preparing for your session:

1. Relax!

This will be fun, I promise! I will guide you the whole session on what to do so you don’t have to worry at all! It’s my job to make you look good!

AB Photography Senior Girls 2022 1

2. Customize your session

This is all about YOU, so let’s make it uniquely you!

Do you dance, play a sport or musical instrument? Let’s incorporate those things into the shoot and show off your talents!

Senior Girls Style Guide

3. What should you wear?

All my sessions include a minimum of 2 outfits. Be sure any clothing reflects your personal style so you feel confident! I recommend choosing from 2-3 of these categories – casual, cozy, dressy, sports-related, preppy or edgy. I bring a pop up changing tent to all my sessions you are welcome to use when changing. It’s great to bring a few different looks so you have variety in your images.

A dress is always a great option for any session. Throw a sweater or jacket over the dress to change up the look. Even in the warmer months you can wear a denim vest over a dress or wear a tank top with a light cardigan. Layers and textures photograph well.

Keep in mind the location and vibe of your session-if we’re doing a nature setting, then earth tone and natural colors work well, but don’t be afraid to choose bold colors that POP and compliment your skin color. Emerald green, royal blue, bright purples, pinks and oranges photograph beautifully.  Urban settings lend itself to edgier clothing, heels, jeans, dark and bold colors.

Don’t be afraid to be a little over the top! Textures like sequins, ruffles, tulle, satin and lace photograph really well and do not look out of place! If you love to dress up, definitely go for it! A long dramatic dress looks stunning in photos and you can wear it to prom too!

Don’t forget the accessories! Nothing expresses your unique style like hats, jewelry, stacks of bangles, long necklaces or statement pieces, bags, and sunnies. I recommend not wearing an apple watch or similar large faced watch. If you have tan lines from this and don’t want those to show, just throw on some bracelets to cover the watch tan lines.

Be sure to have appropriate undergarments for each outfit. Nude strapless bras are great and can work with most outfits. Try on all your clothes before the session to make sure they fit and you are happy with the way they look. Avoid anything too revealing, fitted or short as some poses we will do may have you laying down or leaning forward.

Senior Girls Style Guide Collage

4. Hair & Makeup

Keep your foundation natural looking for glowing skin but don’t be afraid to go a little heavier than usual, as the camera picks up every detail

Avoid super heavy eye make up

Add a natural looking false lash for a more dramatic look

Groomed brows help your eyes pop

Lips with a little lip gloss and color look great. For a change, go for a bold lip with one of your outfits if that feels good to you.

Use a soft color on your cheeks for a soft glow

Get any cuts or color at least one week before your session to be sure you like it and give the style time to relax and look natural. Be sure to touch up any roots if you have an all over color. Balayage highlights are perfect and create great movement and texture in your hair.

Bring a brush/hair spray to your session. It’s good to have in case of wind or weather.

Consider hiring a professional make up and hair artist to help you look your best!

5. Don’t forgot your nails

One last tip, in all the chaos of prepping for your session, don’t forget to pamper your nails!  During your shoot, a lot of poses we do will have your hands close to your face and in the frame, so make sure that your nails look just how you want! French manicures or light/natural colors photography best! Avoid any chipped polish or crazy patterns.

6. Give yourself enough time

Be sure to give yourself extra time to get ready and be at the location a few minutes early. Your session time is planned for the best light and if you arrive late, your shooting time will be reduced. Giving yourself extra time helps you avoid any stress and starts your session smoothly, allowing you to be confident and relaxed. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach. Get plenty of rest the night before so you are well rested!

Feel free to email/text me if you have any additional questions or need any input! You can text me outfit options pics and I am happy to help you decide what to wear. I am SO excited to work together!!!