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Innocence of Childhood

Innocence of Childhood

The innocence of childhood. I want to remember all the details, bathroom door open, books all over, singing loudly and stools that I trip on. These photos take you right back to that moment. That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography. Capturing the everyday. The moments you’ll look back on and sigh. Ok but I would Read More

Mama's Love 6.17.2020

Wrapped In Mama’s Love

Wrapped in the warm glow of Mama’s love! My camera loved this gorgeous boy, his sweet personality and those eyes! Seriously model material! Only a few dates left this summer! Don‚Äôt wait to book your summer session! Read More

Last Front Porch Project - 6.11.2020

Wrapping Up My Front Porch Project

Wrapping up my front porch project with this sweet family! This family is active in the community with philanthropy and I was thrilled to work with them! These boys were a blast to shoot and Will, the younger boy even said he had fun! That is truly what I strive for, making photos fun and Read More

Cute Boys 5.29.2020

How Cute Are These Boys???

How cute are these boys??? Joey, the youngest one, made us work a bit, but his smile more than makes up for any escapes he may have attempted during the session! ūüėú These front porch sessions have been so much fun! And I love all the #BoyMoms I’ve been capturing! #frontporchproject¬†#frontstepsproject¬†#clephotographer¬†#auroraphotographer¬†#twinsburgphotographer¬†#solonphotographer¬†#chagrinphotographer¬†#BoyMoms¬†#bringmealltheboys Read More

Beautiful Family 5.28.2020

Beautiful Night and an Equally Beautiful Family

A beautiful night and an equally beautiful family for more front porch photos! I love meeting new families and hearing their stories. This family is sooo happy school is done and are ready for summer and boating fun! #frontporchstepsproject¬†#frontporchproject¬†#clephotographer¬†#twinsburgphotoger¬†#auroraphotographer¬†#solonphotographer¬†#chagrinphotographer¬†#bringonsummer Contact me to request a quote – I’d love to work with you! Read More

Porch Project 5.27.2020

Could This Family Be Any Cuter?

Oh my, could this family be any cuter? From their perfectly, but relaxed coordinated outfits, their charming front porch and those sweet boys! This Mama is busy! I love meeting new families and it’s so fun to see more¬†#boymoms! #frontporchproject¬†#frontstepsproject¬†#twinsburgphotographer¬†#clephotographer¬†#auroraphotographer¬†#solonphotographer¬†#chagrinphotographer¬†#BoyMom Read More

Lemieux Porch Photo 5.26.2020

Last Day of School Porch Photos

This family, these boys! Sometimes boys can be less than thrilled with taking photos, especially on the last day of school! But these boys were all smiles and sooo cooperative, even coming up with poses all by themselves! They made my job easy! It was so much fun taking their front porch photos! #frontstepsproject #frontporchproject Read More

Mary Beth Herb Holdford 5.24.2020

The Slower Pace of Quarantine

This very active family has enjoyed the slower pace this quarantine forced on them. I echo the same thoughts as we were rarely ever home on a weekend to just enjoy each other and relax. Relax? Is that even a word a #boymom can say? There’s an unspoken bond us #boymoms know and acknowledge. I Read More

Kelly Herb Gaydosh 5.22.2020

Front Porch Donation Sessions!

Kicked off my front porch donation sessions this week with this beautiful family! Can’t wait to see and meet all the families that were able to snag a spot for these fun sessions! #frontstepsproject¬†#frontporchproject¬†#clephotography¬†#twinsburgphotographer¬†#solonphotographer¬†#auroraphotographer Read More

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