DeCaro 9.11.2020

Light, Love and Location!

I love everything about these photos and this family! The light, their love, the location! We questioned having the shoot at all this day because it was pouring all afternoon. I’m so glad we went ahead with our plans because look at what we got! Have you been meaning to get updated family photos? NOW.IS.THE.TIME! Read More

Never Forget 9.11.2020

Never Forget

This awesome tribute is in my city and done by THS senior Nate Wagner and friends for the somber, yet amazing display in front of Twinsburg High School. 2,977 flags representing the souls lost on 9-11. #TwinsburgProud #NeverForget 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇺🇸 Read More

Hard Work Pays Off!

Congratulations to this beautiful lady who just earned her Masters and is now a Certified Nurse Practitioner! Her hard work over the last 3 years has paid off and now it’s time to celebrate! She was so disappointed her commencement ceremony was cancelled due to COVID but I’m so glad she wanted to do a Read More

National Dog Day 8.26.2020

National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day! Show me your pups!!! Post a pic in the comments!!!! Our Lil Lulu is already 6 months old and up to 7 pounds! That is big considering when she came home she was only 3 pounds!!! She is crazy and super spunky but that is what it takes to survive Read More

Blados 8.24.2020

Personality Shines Through

I adore the colors, glow and personality that shine through on these photos! I love that this family wanted to wear the shirts they tie dyed this summer and also use the cool Chevelle that added such fun to the session! Read More

Slow Down Be Present

Slow Down, Be Present

Slow down, be present. 2020 has brought many unexpected and down right crappy things. But one thing it has done for me is helped me SLOW DOWN and see the little things I might have missed. Like the way he finds and picks a weed I’d quickly pass over. Like the way his eyes light Read More

Beauty in the Park

Gorgeous night at the park with this beauty! Read More

Baseball – a Little Bit of Normalcy

While many of our usual summer activities have been cancelled, baseball has been on our schedule and kinda made things feel a bit normal again. My oldest just wrapped up his season this week and my other two and are in the midst of their season. Here are some pics from an exciting game where Read More

Innocence of Childhood

Innocence of Childhood

The innocence of childhood. I want to remember all the details, bathroom door open, books all over, singing loudly and stools that I trip on. These photos take you right back to that moment. That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography. Capturing the everyday. The moments you’ll look back on and sigh. Ok but I would Read More

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