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Sneak Peek Before The Storm!

So glad we wrapped up this sweet family session before the storm rolled in! Family photos are always worth doing, even with grown up kids. Kudos to this Dad who planned and arranged their family photo session when his whole family would be back in town together celebrating the holiday. We had so much fun and lots of laughs during this session.

Wishing you all a holiday filled with much love, laugher and hopefully some relaxation! I will spend the day wrapping and locating all the packages I ordered and hid. I’m hoping to stay in as the weather outside is frightful. Current temp is -4 and -29 with wind chill. Blizzard warning in effect until Sat am. I ran around yesterday trying to get all those last minute things. So many things were sold out everywhere. Next year I’ll do more in advance, right?!? Oh well, I can try!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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