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Sneak Peek Maya!

This senior session this week was fun and fast paced. Maya wanted to do them in Chagrin Falls but we didn’t realize that it would be the first day of Blossom Time! Which means it was packed with people, rides and patriotic decorations! So we had to be a bit more creative and find places “out of the way.”

Mother Nature was calling for rain and storms but by 4 all radar looked clear so session was a go. Towards the end of the session the sky was dark and the rain came down. Luckily it wasn’t too hard and too long. I had Maya dash under overhangs to snap a few pics and we were walking around fast and furious to find a few more nook and crannies for photo ops. She was such a trooper! And you would never know what we were dealing with when you look at the gorgeous photos.

Sneak Peek Maya 5.28.2022

Congratulations to Maya, Hathaway Brown Class of 2022!

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